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About this site

This site is intended to act as an example of my work in itself - all code, content, graphical elements, stylesheets etc. were created from scratch other than a couple of the icons used in my publications list which were taken from the Crystal Project (here)

The site is driven by a very simple content management system consisting of a single page of PHP. I was looking for a way to maintain the site which would allow me to edit in Eclipse (as opposed to in a web interface) and to manage the content in a subversion repository. This precluded building the site on top of Wordpress or similar. The tab structure is based on a simple PHP tree assembled from nested associative arrays, all graphics for the tabs, background and logo were created in Photoshop CS3, again entirely from scratch.

The end result is a site which can be edited simply (the pages are plain HTML, included into the tab structure by the PHP script), and re-skinned if needed with simple effect layer changes within a single file containing all graphical assets. It can be deployed into any server that supports PHP without requiring any database setup, and all the content can be held in a regular version control system.