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Welcome to Cryptic Squid Ltd.

You have reached the front page for Cryptic Squid Limited, a company I founded in early 2008 to manage my consultancy and other commercial activities. You can find more information on current and past projects, contact details and my C.V. by clicking on the tabs below the site logo.

I am available for contract based work (short to medium term) in the South East of England, in particular the area around Cambridge. I can provide expert advice and consultancy on high level software architecture as well as acting as an experienced senior developer or team leader for your software team.

Tom Oinn

Quality Statement

Cryptic Squid Ltd performs all work to a very high standard, code is tested, documented and robust; architecture work is thorough and forward looking and documentation is well written, readable and correct. Design decisions are taken following industry best practice, and taking the properties of the problem as the driving factor over and above any preference for or prior knowledge of particular implementation technologies. The end result of this approach has been universally positive feedback from clients over several years.